Meet our team

Glouv Labs was founded in 2020 by Per Roseth and Alex Jurtan as a product design company. Witnessing the sudden need to protect yourself against bacteria and viruses and the evolution of face mask usage around the world, as well as its personal and environmental impacts, Per and Alex founded the new venture to better integrate this new accessory into society seamlessly and sustainably.

Glouv Labs' aim is not to capitalize on this pandemic, but to offer meaningful, customer-driven solutions that make people feel more at ease to go about their day. Our priorities are safety and wellbeing through innovation. 

Per Roseth

Commercialization and industrialization lead & founder

Alex Jurtan

Industrial Designer & founder

Willemijn Haasken

Project manager

Tommaso Paradisi

Graphic Designer

Lester Isaac Simon


Timothy van der Wingen

Graphic design - intern

*Design is still subject to change